What ForageCakes™ are best for my breeding stock of show birds?2019-12-23T08:53:09-06:00

optimal-forage-cake-thumbThe Optimal ForageCake™ is formulated for valuable show bird stock, as well as any breeding stock. Cutting the Optimal ForageCake™ into small pieces and softening them slightly with warm water has proved to be a very efficient method of feeding birds in poultry shows. We also highly recommend that poultiers, gamebird farmers, and aviculturists provide their breeding stock with BabyCakes™, breaking off small pieces and feeding approximately 2–3 tablespoons daily throughout the breeding season.

Do you have ForageCakes™ for chicks?2019-12-23T08:54:07-06:00

baby-cake-brick-thumbWe created the BabyCake™ specifically for young chicks up to eight weeks of age. These softer cakes simulate natural foraging activity and support normal avian health, just like the ForageCakes™ for adult birds. For those of you working with hard-to-rear heritage breeds like the Yokohama and Saipan, provide BabyCakes™ twice a week through the 16th week of life. Peafowl, guineafowl and subtropical pheasants should be provided with BabyCakes™ throughout their adult life at an interval of once every three to four weeks, and during elevated stress, such as shipment, temperature extremes, and relocation from one enclosure to another.

Can chicks eat a ForageCake™?2019-12-23T08:54:56-06:00

We have seen mother hens bring their chicks to a ForageCake™ formulated for adult birds, and then spend hours freeing seeds and other treats for their chicks to eat. We have also maintained chicks that have grown out their first complete wing and tail feathers on the same adult oriented ForageCakes™. These products are particularly useful for growing gamebirds, poults, juvenile heritage breed chickens, and broilers.

My birds seemed to like the ForageCake™ at first, but after a few weeks seem to ignore it. What can I do with a ForageCake™ that has been pecked into a hard mass and is no longer utilized?2019-12-23T08:55:24-06:00

We suggest removing the thoroughly worked-over ForageCake™ and generously rinsing it for a few minutes in very warm water. Make certain that it is clean of all contaminants, and then cut or break it up, placing it into a sterilized feeding dish. Newly softened, the birds will return to consume the “refreshed” ForageCake™. It is essential that the animal manager take the time and effort to thoroughly clean the ForageCake™ before returning it to the poultry house.

The birds seem to leave the UltraKibble™ in the feeder. How can I assure that my birds are eating the UltraKibble™?2019-12-23T08:55:53-06:00

Weigh out the exact amount of UltraKibble™ placed out in the morning and then collect whatever is left out in the evening. If the birds are not consuming all of the UltraKibble™, remove the remaining portion, and return it only when they are hungry enough to consume it. When the birds ingest the UltraKibble™ on an empty crop, they will better utilize the available nutrients.

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