Resolve Success Stories...

ForageCakes and UltraKibble Supplemental Avian Feeding Products Customer Testimonials:

I have been using Resolve UltraKibble and BabyCakes/ForageCakes and have found great results. I want to sell UltraKibble and your other products with my coops and birds. I want to educate people on how amazing this supplement feed is for the well being of your flock and nutrition of your eggs! I want to sell eggs with a brighter orange yolk, and to make this possible kibble is necessary.
Devin Lehoux, Plymouth Colony Farm
Cleaning up manure takes a lot of work and keeping on schedule can be an impossibility due to unforeseen weather for example. Using UltraKibble and ForageCakes insures the droppings are firm and dry making them easier to clean up and this requires less of my time with much less mess.
Robert Dugrenier, Proprietor, Taft Hill Farm